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What is it?

FreeG is a mix of gymnastics, parkour, free running and tricking. Moving through, over and under obstacles whilst performing these elements.

Is it safe?

Taught in a safe environment with qualified coaches, FreeG is made up of a level of skills starting from beginner to advanced. The skills are taught through progressions on soft ground and using soft landing areas and apparatus.

What do the coloured levels mean?

Freeg Yellow (Beg) – 5 – 10 y/o. Click here to book or here to book your FREE trial.

Freeg Green (Int) – 8 – 14 y/o or two terms enrolled in our WG/MG L1 and above programs. Click here to book or here to book your FREE trial.

Freeg Black (Adv) – 10+ y/o (1 ½ hours) by invitation only after a trial in one of our gymnastics or Tumbling/Salto programs

What could my child learn?

FreeG teaches coordination, spatial awareness and improves fitness. Pupils can learn various jumps and vaults, as well as flips, salts and tricks from various martial arts.


If my child is in Girls Bronze, can they do the Black class?

No. The Black class is for those who have progressed through FreeG Yellow and Green. This is     because of the skill sets and preparation the children will learn, those skills being more technical and advanced.  We recommend that children start in Yellow and progress through the stages.

My child can salto on our trampoline at home, so can they start in Green or Black?

All children will be assessed and age and ability depending, he will be put into a relevant class. The aim is to teach the various salto techniques in Free G safely with correct technique, thus reducing risk of injury and enabling the child to advance on to more complicated tricks.

Check out some FreeG moves here – FreeG – Gymnastics Australia

• Classes are capped at 10 gymnasts per accredited coach
• 1-hour duration (Yellow/Green), 1 1/2 hour duration (Black)
• Complimentary membership t-shirt upon enrolment
• Trial classes available by clicking here